viernes, 22 de agosto de 2014

Food for Fools: Daily Bread?Thankful for a new life, without Steven Jarrot: Party Views.

Fairy Friends: hola mi familiar, hell on earth over and done, rights and wrong turns noted, give me you hand...

  •  and Rats racing, monkeys in trees, horse and pony shows, time to sit down, take a load off your few tales to share. Love, Food for Fools: Daily Bread?Thankful for a new life, without Steven Jarrot: Party Views. 

  • RV Dreamer, suckers to cum, suckers for more dicks. Thankful for a new life, without Steven Jarrot: 7608512267-and the life of hardships that he has to offer. At one time he...was a gem, back in time, muddy waters now, snakes and frogs to land, lovers to haters, fish in the seas, plenty more, better to keep.

  • American/Cuban Man. Steven Jarrot, Hacker, Cheater, Liar. Dick 2.Truthful and honesty are the punch lines. Out Of Mind: Nose Blows: WATCH OUT FOR YOUR DOG , RACHEL AND SHERI JARROT, HAVE BEEN FUCKING THE FAMILY DOG FROM THE TIME BROUGHT HOME AS A PUPPY, SHE HAS FUCKS AND SUCKS THEM ALL ,SEVERAL DOGS IN THE AREAS SHE HAS LIVED HAS BEEN FUCKERS AND LICKERS ON THEM. MY SON ..CHARLES JARROT- THE HALF BREED NIGGER, dirty white boy?Cuban transplants-Sima and Jean Paul Jarrot: Hacker, Cheater, Liar. Dick 2-American/Cuban Man. Eve or Steven Jarrot: NOT JEWISH? THAT CAROL JARROT HAD WHILE MARRIED TO ME; STEVEN JARROT; 7608512267. Food for Fools: Daily Bread?Thankful for a new life, without Steven Jarrot: Party Views. 

  • Jun 28, 2016. Steven Jay Jarrot, Meth Drug Dealer, RV Camper, likes to lick kitty or life fucker or sucker?Rachel Jarrot or Rocky the fag hag, California Cow or ...It is all about me, and the views that I have to share..Food for Fools: Daily Bread?Thankful for a new life, without Steven Jarrot: Party Views.Love???Feel the Love???Love and hate horns on a goat, notes from the " The Vikings", and the wise old women of the 9th and the 10th century.Angels in heaven, angels on earth, angels in me, notes to lead the way, tales of love and devotion, stories of lovers and haters...Don't give up. Focus on what you want and not what, you don't have.There has to be space 4 what comes next. ♡It’s all about love. Follow us to learn how to create a bright future for your family.



  • Reo Company v. Jarrot, Jacqueline Et Al :: Superior Court of ...Steven Jarrot - Upland, CA… - Rick Benson - Google+Every day earth angel, here to . Steven Jay Jarrot-760 851 2267- Rachel and Sheri fucks. Steven Jay Jarrot on Truthful , Food for Fools: Daily Bread?Thankful for a new life, without Steven Jarrot: Party Views. ...Steven Jay Jarrot on Truthful and Honest, just punch lines? HELLO. I'M A WHITE/CUBAN MAN DIVORCED ...stev jarrotJewish Army 2005: ...Steven Jay Jarrot ...@RachelCattley Steven Jay Jarrot bisexal or gay, truthful and honest, just punch lines? Class Lists - 2012 Reunion -

  • domingo, 10 de agosto de 2014

    Dogs, Frogs, Jewish White Super-star?Jacqueline Jarrot Muccillo:

    Dawn of Dogs, Frogs, Jewish Whites, Bison Only. Dogs, Frogs, Jewish White Super-star?Jacqueline Jarrot Muccillo:Mean and nasty, girls for role models, “Mean Girls” Classes Of Bitches, classes of dogs, white and blue, faces of cheap tricks, lots of laugh, Rachel Jarrot, not in the movie, slut on a pole in Cali, dates on the beach.Faces of snakes in the grass, porn sluts in lights, tricks on a pole, lovers to choose. Donkeys to ride.

    stories, tales, tweets, and the bumps in the road, wanted to share life on the cross with a person that may have a much broader mind that a GED educated persons, not enough to talk about that was acceptable to need information, called nonsense because the history was not there, and common stories were not the same. I like fairy tales, and I write fairy tales, I change the people that I know into animals or pen names, and fact and fiction is create out of the stars that I see at night.
    I believe in Peter Pan, not Paul Jewish White Super-star-dead now, as an example of a real man, with the child within and childlike, and a man that stands for something besides the money he burns in drugs looking for more prey to control by those means. Just working on moving on, forgiveness for the pain and hurt, when my bf stole my car, he took it for a way back, he did not call it stolen at all, legal matters to address later, perhaps.
    Searching for a house now, have one to see in Palm Desert tomorrow, for sale by owner, also a matchmaker and find people with money and what they want to buy, a matchmaker for houses that are on the market now. Had a cap with Century 21 Real Estste Center, in Washington State for about 12 years, was not a cookie cutter type of agent, cared to much for the people that I served rather than the money made for them. Another long story, and I am writing them now, for peace of mind, and for the jokes that they have become. Hope that makes sense, its about growth and expanding for me. The word driven is the one word that explains me, and why I keep getting back up, hope is hoping looking and searching for places to land, and this is the month for the dreams to come true. I believe in shooting stars that are blue with five or six points, that shine bright every night far away, expect this month.
    Just a little touch by the angels, fairies, pixies and the dogwood butterflies, born March 18, the day of rebirth every year, and the next form of butterflies out in the world at that time. What can you tell me about March, the Roman God of War, that the month is named after, what was his greatest battle that won the war?

    I like this 1600, and 1492 was one of the better years I had, and had a blast on the boat with Chris that came in 1492 to find the other side of the world, more views on who came first, and why native Indians were killed for the land here. Has it changed much, different ways to steal the land, and steal from the lost, and the displaced, lots of veterans like me this way.

    Fake friends not needed had a period of five years in hell, camping in a RV of courses, just for a life style of sex and drugs and a way back to doctors, 100% and caretaker stole money, cars, and scooters that I paid for from me, my mind is out to lunch or out in space most of the time, does not matter to me as much as other people. Hope that help you understand some of the things I have sent to you by email. It is kind of nice without the faces in the beginning. Most do not get that far, short attention spans, and self serving to be friends.

    Ants or acts of kindness gives me my joy in the morning, and peace in the evenings, and I look for people like that always. I do massages for trade, wanted to go back to school for that also, got the books instead, also belly dance, and can do 9 formal dances, like to move to the sound of the music. Prefer music without words most of the time, 15 century music is great, with the masters.
    Hope that help, it was good to let it out, have so much work to do, and have been finding the people that I need to network with, prefer men over 6 feet tall, just because have been there done that was the men not quite as tall. Different page, different day, better results is the desired outcome.
    Starrs Bright tonight, hope hopping searching for wishes, dreams, prayers, and hope for new days tomorrow for the growth and the lessons, or blessings are better.

    Lords And Knights, Fights For Writes,  Ms 411 Daily Tips For Today..Dogs, Frogs, Jewish White Super-star?Jacqueline Jarrot Muccillo:...Monkey Tales :Cows And Cattle, Homes On Ranges, Tin Can Affairs, Steven Jarrot, RV Camper, Glory In Tin . Fairies, lords, kings, and knights, guys with yellow hats, birds and bees, trips to the gardens of the dead. Hear the hounds, hear the sounds, birds in the fire, mirrors for looks, views and noses to blow. Illusions, views in faces, devils and angels, cracked mirrors, trips to frogs, trips to dogs, bitches in heat, Rachel and Sheri Jarrot, pimped by Steven Jarrot, 7608512267- cows and cattle to roam, movies to directors, skin flicks, dicks to cum. RV trips pimps on call, to role play, matures for them, slaves to sex, tricks to dates. Trips to hell, trips with hell hounds, dates with land whales, snakes in water. Ms 411 Daily Tips For Today......Let's Make Out. Out Dogs, Frogs, Jewish White Super-star?Jacqueline Jarrot Muccillo:of Box Please. Steven Jay Jarrot : Owner/Consultant; ANYWAY TRANSPORTATION.760 851 .....Beyonce, Jay-Z Looking to Buy Neverland Ranch, Reports ...
     ...have issues to get pass, has to do with the dogs that are dicks that are jackasses, that steal and lie in colors white, black, ugly and half truths, same as being truthful and honest that is twisted and tainted. Views, and location tomorrow if you have hot tub? Over 6 feet tall?

    Seven Snakes, or the Prince of Frogs, Jackass leader of pack of mules, burros, and donkeys. 
    Tribe members, and what they stand for, GED Super Stars, Jewish Bisexual Jarrot Army 2014: Steers and queers, on that side of the family, Cuban transplants, Paul and Sima Jarrot, weeks before the bun- Steven Jay Jarrot, was born an American Toad. Frogs, Toads, of Jackasses, that you pick. Thieves, liars, and truths and honesty comes in shades of white lies, red lies,  ugly lies, and half truths, acceptable for the frogs, cattle, and donkeys in the herds in the hills in Riverside, the dead ones are there now and always. They did a bad job of learning life lessons that matter, more for the money, more for the self-serving, more for the cattle, steers, queers, male fag hags, and Rotten Rocky Rachel Jarrot, with or with out the $6000 hair cap from the hills in Beverly, first two bought by last girl friend, crazy black magic woman, that was delivered for the devils in this family.

    Watch out for them, they steal from themselves and cash in on Allstate insurance claims. Here is the play that is in place now, and has been since Papa Paul Jarrot, started the practice. Have the house, have the RV crashed, repairs not need, just a hammer to put pieces of the RV back on, he blames the dead for the bumps in the road, and Charley and Paul Jarrot, come back to play with Steve in his sleep, when he is not calling the hogs, and rolling over to stuff his face again, fat is the nature of the beast in this tribe, they are wide ass, white happy and gay people, with a dick in their months, and six for Steven Jay Jarrot is the record now.

    325 dicks sucked or fucked in a month, and 224 pussy in his face in his month, and the role model for the rest of the pack members. Sheri and Rachel have been tag teaming dicks, pussies, sex, drugs, and goods stolen from the women that date Steve. Family practice like other families have doctors, lawyers, and saints with the sinners, not this tribe. Wolves.

    Thief of Handcocks Parks, Steve, Sheri, Rachel, Sima, Charley, steal from each other, acts of love and devotion, of frogs out of the pond of fools, Jewish White Stars, Jarrot Bisexual White Super-stars, legends in their own mind, do you concur? Moot, of course, who cares really?..760 360 1613 or 8052055026 concur or not 7608512267...

    Prince of Jewish Army ......Steven Jay Jarrot, September 04, 1962  Steven Jay Jarrot : Owner/Consultant; ANYWAY TRANSPORTATION. Buys/Sells/Rents/Trades/Cars/Scottors/Wo… and Girls/Drugs/Meth/Pot/Oral Specialist of Craigslist Nightly after midnight.-Markets All works with Ex Wife, Sheri Jarrrot, and Creator of next greatest Jewish Woman. Can be reach at 7608512267 or 50925 Paradise West Drive number B: La Quinta, California 92253.Last night (May 9, 2013) with kid with a lack of natural hair on head, $6000 wig Rookie/Jewish style, for cover acceptable for hair, Rachel Jarrot, and stole car for Mad Angry Disappointed Shocked Black Woman from Washington, Phyllissa (LLissa), the disable veteran.

    Love and devotion was the reason given for the deeds and actions of Steve Jarrot, he was the best snake in the grass, living on the good graces of an earth angel, that wanted help to get the medical attention needed to deal with the men that Steven allowed to attack her for the cash that was misplaced in the house, he also wanted to have her committed with Sheri Gay Fag Hag, exwife number 2 that is to fat, and has a big mouth and nobody wants to hear her talk, wincing, bitching, and calling the cattle home is what she is good for, and a fag hag that have a kid with girlfriends and lots of pussy to share, with Rotten Rachel Rocky Butch, the buffalo girl, back to a cali cow again. 

    Not a rock a bisexual Jewish white cow to buffalo and back to cattle caller in Upland or Ventura with sire, and big mouth Sheri sucking on Sima Jarrot once again, a family to sing songs all day long. Happy wolves with the sheep, frogs, reptiles not attornies, prey for the lights to the RV happy and gay camper for life. Fuck today and fuck tomorrow, how many ways and how many people always the first question for the tribe members here. Normal, main steam, or just a group of white people doing the white things that count in the long run, at the end of the day the houses, cars, condos, wigs and hair caps, what do you work, run, drives you daily, love, peace and happiness. Enough for acts of kindness ever, or just self-serving still, as in forever and now...